Team, Tasks and Times – What exactly is Legatro good for?

In one sentence, Legatro helps you to easily form teams, organize things to do in projects, invite buddies to projects, assign tasks and centralize the data which tell you who completed tasks for which project in what time. There are many – often complicated or expensive – software systems which do exactly this. But here is the beauty of Legatro: it lets you set up teams and projects/goals extremely quickly, it runs on all Windows 10 device (iOS in development), and for up to five projects and small teams, it is absolutely free.

What are the typical domains to use this in? Quite a few – have a look:

  • You are a freelancer and want to record what you did on projects to automatically generate time sheets from your work for writing invoices.
  • You are a freelancer, and you want to temporarily collaborate with others because you need additional expertise to complete a certain type of project.
  • You’re an employee and work with temporary staff who are paid by the hour. Let them do their time recording with Legatro.
  • You are a software developer, a doctor, a lawyer, an advertiser, a designer, a musician, a producer, an artist who does commissions – you name it! Then you are used to doing projects or achieve goals. Either you need to organize your work by setting up achievements and tasks, and by logging what you did just for future reference, or as a base for writing invoices. In both cases, use Legatro to do just that.
  • Your company makes products. You can use Legatro to bring in what you people achieved in a certain time and the amount of things they produced for incentives!
  • You are employing a gardener, and you want an easy way to know what he or she did and when.
  • You just want to log what you did, so you can optimize the things you do based on your own project time tracking.
  • You think it’s better to log what you did, because you feel safer being able to report your activities whenever coworkers or managements challenge the man-hours required to achieve a certain goal.

So, using Legatro really helps you to improve the quality of your work because it helps you to get organized. It helps you to make more money, because you’re not losing out on invoice hours which you simply forgot to log – as we have all done from time to time! It improves the quality of your work because you can organize tasks and achievements for projects/goals without forgetting important things! And, finally, with a plan for each project, you know how much effort you have to spend at what time, which improves your quality of life tremendously. So, use Legatro and achieve you goals!

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