Add and Edit Projects/Goals

Adding a new project is easy, as is editing existing goals. Just make sure, you have enough Projects/Goals left to insert, because during Beta and in the Standard version of Legatro, concurrent active Projects/Goals are limited. You can however always upgrade to the Professional Edition to increase your project count. If you even want to have a dedicated, encapsulated Cloud Space for your company or operate Legatro locally onsite, talk to us for a quote!

Adding new Projects


  1. To add a new Project/Goal, in the Hamburger Menu click or tap on Projects/Goals. Wait for the Project/Goals to come up.
  2. Tap the + Button in the App bar.


  1. Make sure that the check box “Project activated” is activated.
  2. Pick a color for the project. Colors are really helpful to quickly distinguish projects/goals, when you see them in lists or reports. Define a default category for the project. This lets you do the time logging even quicker. When logging times for projects, Legatro allows you to define Activity Categories, so you can later for example know how much time for a project you spent with travelling, with design or admin work, or how much time you spend in meetings. With this default activity, you chose which activity type Legatro should pre-select by default, when you collect a new time logging item. So, here you should pick the activity type which you will most likely do most often with your new project.
  3. Finally, click or tap the Save button in the app bar, to create the new project

Edit Project Properties

Editing a Project Properties is also simple. Through editing your project, you can for example activate or deactivate a project. That could be important, if you are working with the Beta or the Standard Version of Legatro, where the concurrent activated projects are limited to 5. But you maybe dissatisfied with a project’s name (or detected a typo), or you want to assign a different color combination or default activity category. You can make this changes by editing the project’s properties.


  1. To edit an existing Project/Goal, in the Hamburger Menu click or tap on Projects/Goals. Wait for the Project/Goals to come up.
  2. Click or tap the project whose properties you want to modify.
  3. Tap/click the Edit Button in the App Bar.
  4. On the project’s detail page Legatro now shows, make the chances in the related fields.
  5. Click or tap the Save button in the app bar. If you want to discard your changes, click or tab the cancel button.