Generating Time Sheets for Team Members

The whole point of logging times is that at the end of the day, week, month or project you can get an overview over the hours done for the project – either because you want to invoice a customer, report a budget or just for planning and velocity calculation purposes in preparation for the next project.

During the Beta Phase and from the Professional Version of Legatro on you can use the Office Excel Export to automatically generate time sheets for everyone who you invited to the project before and who did time logging for the project. And here is how this is done:


  1. From the Hamburger Menu, pick Project/Goals.
  2. Select the Project/Goals you want to do the Excel Reporting for.


  1. Legatro allows not only to Export to Excel, but also show the Time Log Statement for the Project on the Screen as a Data Grid or alternatively Export the Statement as a PDF file. Click on the file format, to determine how you want the statement to be generated.
  2. Next, set the timespan with the Date Picker. You can set up a timespan with individual start and end date. For quicker results, just use the up and down buttons in front of the Date Pickers to switch from month to month.
  3. Only on Excel Exports, you can combine consequtive Event Entries on your Time Sheet, so the Time Sheets become easier to read. If you want to combine sequent Time Entries, just click that option.
  4. After you did the setup for the report, click on the Check-Button at the top of the Flyout Dialog. It might take a little while for Legatro to generate the data, so be patient while the Statement data are pulled from the Cloud and Excel is started.