Insert Work Break and Stop Mark (end-of-day Tag)

Since Legatro’s time recording paradigm is event based, recording of time events is really easy and quick. In contrast to other time tracking systems, it is often only half of the typing, because you are only entering the start of an activity, but never the end:




If you want to insert a work break, just enter the point in time when the work break started, as you would do with a standard recording of an activity event. And then, from the app bar button on the bottom of the screen, just click or tap the pause button. The work break event gets inserted, and this new event automatically becomes the end of the previous activity – both time spans (from previous activity to that event, and from that event to the next event) are recalculated instantly, so that the cumulated time spans in the status bar reflect that.

There is one exception though, when you have to set an end event, and that’s at the end of the day. Legatro needs to know when you stopped any activities for the day with a stop mark. To this end, enter the point of time, and then press the stop button. The stop mark gets inserted and marks the end of the day.