Managing Projects

If you want your tasks and time logging organized, you should create projects for better filtering, sorting and reporting options. If you want to start really quick with creating tasks or time-logging, you do not need to setup dedicated projects necessarily. But it simply makes more sense, and it is almost none additional effort to do so.

Projects help you not only to organize your work. They may be absolutely necessary, if you need to maintain a budget for a certain project or if you agreed with a customer to invoice the hours you worked on the project. When you show the Projects/Goals page in Legatro, that is the reason all the projects are not only already shown in a report view, where you can see how many hours or days have been worked on those projects today, this week and this month, also the projects are ordered by importance. And a project is more important if you clock-in on it more often. Here is, what it does look like:


  • To add a new project or edit an existing project, take a look at the page And and Edit Projects/Goals.
  • To activate and deactivate project, go to the page Project activation.
  • To setup achievements for project, see page Setup Achievements for Projects.
  • To do the reporting of a project (overview or individual team buddies), see page Project Reports.