Project Time Logging

Legatro provides you with two general methods to log activities for your projects. By using the retroactive method as described here, you can time-log activities for projects which you have already done. This is what in Legatro is called Retroactive project base time recording, or RePro-TimeRec for short.

There are also a couple of options to use Legatro on your device in a kind of time-card/time clock paradigm. See here for more about that.

The principle of Time Logging in Legatro

What people actually not like about Time Logging is that over time it takes a huge effort to do it consistently, especially when you are working in an environment where you either don’t have the means or where it doesn’t make any sense to clock-in or clock-out of your activities the moment you did it. (Or, as for the writer of these lines, and as a developer, you simply are in flow and continuously forget to clock-in and out of projects). What’s even worse is, when you later have to insert a work break or you remembered that you actually interrupted your work for a telephone call, which was half an hour of consulting for a different customer – and of course you want to log that time you work for that other customer.

Compared to many other time tracking systems, Legatro does time logging a little bit differently. In Legatro, we don’t collect our activities “from – to”, but just “at” – so, it’s event based. And think about it – doesn’t that make perfectly sense? First of all, all things you do start at a particular point of time. And it is just that event you are logging. How do you set the end for that? Well, you don’t. You start the next, which is automatically the end of the previous event. And now take a look how this typically looks like:


So, logging events is easy.

  1. First, you select the date of the day you want to record the event on (to this end, click or tap on the calendar to open it).
  2. Tab or click on the hour list to open it. Select the hour. Do the same for the minutes.
  3. Enter the activity description (optional) in the Textbox What did you achieve?
  4. If you want this event to be assigned to a certain Project/Goal you were working on, so you can later see how much time you spent on which Project/Goal, then chose a project from the drop-drown list.
  5. For even better reporting you can optional determine an Activity Category. Legatro’s Pro- and Enterprise-Versions (by default activated during Beta) allow export to Microsoft Excel, in which you can use these Activity Categories as an additional filter.
  6. Click or tap the +-Button next to the ComboBox to add the new event to the list.