Schedule Tasks in Office 365 Calendars

Legatro comes with an inbuilt Office 365 integration, which is particular helpful for Project Management and Task Management purposes.*

Part of this Office 365 integration is that you can automatically schedule Tasks with a due date and a higher priority to an Outlook 365 Calendar of your choice.

To this end, you first have to connect Legatro on a particular device to your Office 365 subscription.
IMPORTANT: You need to do this for every device you want to use Task Management with the Office 365 integration.

  • In the Hamburger Menu, click on your User Name.
  • From the tabs on top of the screen choose Office 365.
  • Switch on the Office 365 integration, and configure for which tasks you want automatic entries in the calendar. As soon as you turn on that switch, Legatro asks you for your credentials.


  • Enter your credentials, and grant Legatro the right to add events to Calendars and send emails from your Office 365 subscription. The latter option allows you to notify team buddies when you assign high priority tasks to them in addition to the notification they will be already getting over the Action Center of their devices.
  • Legatro next lists all your Calendars, and from the list you can choose the calendar you want all the tasks notification to go in.

Adding a new Task and adding a related Office 365 Calendar event

From now on, when ever you’ve added a new tasks with a due date, and you set its priority to high (or, depending on your settings, to very high), Legatro automatically adds an according event to your Office 365 Calendar.

  • To this end, click or tap Planning in the Hamburger Menu.
  • Enter the description for the new task.
  • Pick a Goal/Project (optional) and, if you’ve defined Achievements for that project previously, pick an achievement (optional).

Setting the due date of a task

  • Only task with certain priority AND a due date are added to the calendar when you set up a link from Legatro to your Office 365 subscription. So, before actually adding the task, you should set the due date. For that, choose the date from the calendar drop down, or use the arrow buttons to move to the date for which you want to schedule the task’s due date.
  • If you want also to add a due time for that date, click on the clock button next to calendar, and either swipe up and down to select the time, or on a desktop machine click on the up and down arrows to select the time.
  • Click on Set Time.


Setting the task’s priority

  • Click the + Button to add the task.
    IMPORTANT: A task has already to be added in order to change its priority.
  • Now, you can change the Tasks’s priority: On a tablet or a phone, tap and hold that task entry for a couple of seconds. A context menu will open. On a desktop, just click the right mouse button on that task to show the context menu.


  • Click on High or Very High depending on what priority you want to set for the task.
  • Click on set.

Depending on the connection quality it now takes a moment, before the priority of the task changes.

After that, you can check your Office 365 calendar where you should see the related task’s Calendar entry.

When ever you change the task’s due date now on a device which is connected to your Office 365 subscription, the correlating event in the Calendar is changing accordingly.

When you finish the task, the tasks’s event entry is automatically deleted from the Office 365 calendar.



*Available during Beta Period and later in certain SKUs.