Team based Time Logging – Sharing Projects

If you want to work with one or more of your team buddies on one project, and you want to do the time logging for that project as a project team, you need to share that project first. To share a project to team buddies, complete the following steps.

  1. From the Hamburger Menu, pick Goals/Projects.
  2. In the App bar, find the Share Goal Button and click or tap it.


  1. You will now see a Flyout Dialog as in the screenshot below.


  1. Now, open the Team Buddy Combo Box by tapping or clicking, and pick the first Team Buddy you want to share the project with.
  2. Click the Add Button next to the ComboBox.
  3. Repeat those steps for every Team Buddy you want to share this Project/Goal with.
  4. When you finished, press Check (Complete) Button at the top of the Flyout Menu, to add the selected Team Buddies to the Project Share List.

Each of the Team Buddies now receives a list that they have been added to the project, and from now on, you and the Team Buddies you selected can work together on that project, time log activities and assign tasks to each other.