Team Management – Forming a Team

Legatro is your ideal tool when you’re want to team up with additional contributors to work on projects as a team. The basic idea is that you can invite other Legatro users to be on your team, while at the same time you become added to their team. Once you added team buddies, you can share projects with them, so tasks management and time logging can be done as a team.


Forming a Team

It’s important for a team buddy to be on your team that your new team buddy has installed a current version of Legatro. To find and send out an invitation, complete these steps:

  1. In the Hamburger Menu, click or tap on Team Buddies.
  2. Find the Add Team Buddy Button in the App bar at the bottom of the Team Buddy page.


  1. Search for your Team Buddy in Legatro, either by Last name (don’t include the First name), by Legatro ID or by email address.
  2. Click on the search icon, to start the search.
  3. If you found your buddy, click or tap on the Add button to send an add request. Note that you can only start working on projects, when your team buddy actually accepted your invitation.


  1. As soon as you sent out the invitation, your soon-to-be-team-buddy will receive a notification on each device Legatro has been installed on. Your buddy now has two options: Confirm or reject your invitation. In both cases you would also receive a notification on your devices, and if your buddy confirmed, you can start to work together. What does that mean exactly? Well, from now on you can invite a team buddy to be on a project you manage. And so can your new team buddy. You can time log the same projects, and you can generate time sheets for your team buddy when he or she is working on a project you own. You can also assign tasks to your team buddies, if you invited them previously to the projects you want to work with them on.